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Aufnahme der Erde aus den Weltall
NB-IoT Asset Tracker

Pretty resourceful.

Trackers that turn every loss into a find.

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Efficient and cost-effective localization.

Having to search for something has never been fun. Until now, because our NBIoT Asset trackers turn every loss into a real find that is just a click away. In no time at all, the little sniffers transmit all the important information about the precise location. Even at rest during fixed time intervals or only after movement is registered. This saves energy and gives the low-cost tracker an incredible battery life of around five years. It is not possible to control the verification and localisation of resources more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Position determination

Reliable positioning of goods at rest or after a movement.

Tracking and Tracing

Track the tracker indoors and outdoors via WiFi.

Ready for connections

Connects to any cloud or proprietary backend via the WIS NB-IoT Relay Service

High battery life

By activating the tracker only when moving or at predetermined times.

Key Features of the NB-IoT Asset Tracker

  • Position detection via WIFI
  • Geolocation instead of GPS
  • Tracking of the position at predefined intervals or during movement
  • Cost and energy-optimised hardware
  • Secure data transmission via NB IoT
  • Ready-to-use dashboard or customisation to customer backend
  • GDPR-compliant hosting and operation on EU servers
  • Battery life of up to 5 years
  • High building penetration
  • Cheaper than GSM/GPS based trackers
  • Standalone or integration solution

Rural or urban – everything at a glance.

The NB-IoT Asset Tracker is the cheap way to locate things — both in rural areas and in urban areas. Depending on the location, we rely on various technologies to ensure the best possible search result: Objects at more remote points are located using GPS and in metropolitan areas via Google Maps.

The exact positioning is based on the Geolocation API, which uses WiFi signals to locate the tracker. This data is transmitted to the customer backend via NB‑IoT and the WIS NB‑IoT Delay Service. Optionally, the data can also be displayed via a customer-specific dashboard.

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