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Nahaufnahme von Kabel aufgewickelt auf einer Kabeltrommel
NB-IoT Cable Drum Tracker

Getting it right, every time.

Trackers that accurately determine the amount of cable remaining and the position of a drum.

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Goodbye, long line.

We fast-forward and present: this is how inventory management and automatic reordering work today. Our NB-IoT Cable Drum Tracker precisely detects every coil revolution and calculates the remaining amount of cable — regardless of different cable diameters. Pretty smart. With innovative wireless technology, the exact indoor or outdoor position and the amount of cable are transferred to the Cable Drum Tracker dashboard. This saves costs and time and ensures effective inventory management during spool turning.

Cable length at a glance

Precise automatic detection of coil revolutions and calculation of the remaining cable length.

Transfer of position

Outdoor position is transferred to the cloud at a freely configurable interval when moving. In the building, the position is determined via BLE or Wi Fi (optional).

Long range

High range and building penetration through the integration of IoT technologies (NB-IoT).

Key Features of the NB-IoT Cable Drum Tracker

  • Precise detection of coil rotation
  • Conversion of coil revolutions into cable length
  • Cost and time savings: effective material management through automatic reordering
  • Indoor positioning is possible with different precision depending on the requirements
  • Outdoor positioning via GPS
  • Optimised for maximum battery life: Cable Drum Tracker is only activated when moving
  • All important information at a glance in the CDT Dashboard
  • Easy connection to your system via REST API (under development)
  • Secure data transmission via NB IoT and private APN
  • GDPR-compliant hosting and operation on EU servers

1. Determination of outdoor position

The position of the coil is determined periodically and when moving via GPS.

2. Calculation of coil rotations

The Cable Drum Tracker on the outer flank of the coil measures the speed of rotation of the cable drum by gyroscope and calculates the resulting revolutions.

3. Data transmission

Data transmission periodically and when moving via NB IoT to WIS relay service and Cable Drum Tracker backend.

4. Calculation of cable length

The calculation of the cable length is based on various parameters by an algorithm in the backend.

5. Display of information

All relevant information is displayed in the dashboard or transmitted to the customer backend.

Technology that is 100 nose lengths ahead of every sniffer dog.

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