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The winning team from left to right: Dr.Robert Staacke, Romy Müller, Dominik Rajsp,  Dr. Lutz LangguthThe winning team from left to right: Dr.Robert Staacke, Romy Müller, Dominik Rajsp,  Dr. Lutz Langguth

First magnetic field quantum sensor for industrial use.

Quantum Technologies wins AMA Association special award.

Quantum Technologies, duotec’s innovation partner, wins the AMA Association's special prize with the world's first magnetic field quantum sensor for industrial use and is also nominated for the Innovation Award of the Year.

Due to the galvanic isolation this next-gen quantum technology opens up new dimensions in magnetic field measurement and offers infinitely precise measurements. The innovative method, using diamonds, due to the galvanic separation, furthermore, allows the use in inhospitable environments and inaccessible places such as on high-voltage lines, motors and battery cells for e-mobility.

Only potential is immeasurable.

The fiber-coupled quantum sensor uses an optical principle and measures the smallest magnetic field changes in the smallest space. To do this, he uses the magnetic field dependence of the spin states of nitrogen-vacancy center in diamonds, called NV centers. These NV centers serve as an optical sensor. If a magnetic field acts on the NV centers, the fluorescence changes, which can be measured precisely. The sensitive volume of diamond dust is located at the tip of an optical fiber, making it as thin as a human hair. Advantages are, besides the perfect galvanic isolation over long distances and the high speed of the measurement, a completely non-conductive and non-magnetic measuring head. In addition, NV magnetometers can be used over a wide temperature range from extremely low to high temperatures.

‘We are very happy to have Quantum Technologies as an innovative partner at our side to accompany us into the next generation of quantum technology,’ said Arthur Rönisch, CIO of duotec. ‘This new magnetic field quantum sensor is a breakthrough in industrial metrology and we look forward to working with Quantum Technologies to leverage the capabilities of this new technology in our customer projects.’

‘We are very proud to win the AMA Association’s Special Award and receive this recognition for our hard work and dedication,’ said Dr. Robert Staacke, CEO and founder of Quantum Technologies. ‘Our quantum sensor technology is a major step towards unrivaled precision and accuracy in magnetic field measurement. We look forward to working with duotec to bring this technology to the industry.’

About duotec

duotec is a global electronics service provider and innovative solution provider for manufacturing, sensing, connectivity and next-gen technologies, such as quantum technologies, nanotechnologies and MEMS.

More than 1,000 employees work at duotec’s locations in Germany, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, the USA and Switzerland, and at duotec solutions ml&s in Greifswald and WIS IoT Solutions in Berlin.

About Quantum Technologies

Quantum Technologies is a Leipzig-based start-up engaged in the development, production and distribution of sensor solutions based on quantum effects. Although only founded in 2020, Quantum Technologies already owns one of the largest German patent portfolios in the field of quantum technologies.

Press release: First magnetic field quantum sensor for industrial use.
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