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Closeup shot of a human eye

Ahead of innovation.

As a global electronics service provider, we have been investing in innovative manufacturing technologies, as well as in basic research and the development of state-of-the-art microelectronics, for many years. We use our know-how to conceptualise things in a new and different way.

By doing so, we offer our customers the decisive technology push, in order to be a great way ahead of the innovation curve. From pioneering electronics production, to sensor and connectivity solutions, to ground-breaking quantum technology. We don't follow trends, we create them.

Nahaufnahme einer Platine mit Chips und weiteren Bauteilen

Customer-specific, custom-made production and innovative development solutions.

Nahaufnahme eines Roboterarmes

Innovative manufacturing solutions for every challenge. From tiny, to maximum protection, to fully automated.

Ein Windpark mit vielen Windkraftanlagen vor wolkigem Himmel

Far from civilisation and under the harshest weather conditions, constantly measuring data.

Leiterbahnen auf einer Platine

Individual development solutions that turn ideas into innovations. From the vision to a successful product launch.

Weltkarte mit duotec Standorten

As a global company, we offer our customers a global footprint.

Mitarbeiterin mit Schutzbrille, die ein Objekt untersucht

With us, you can make a difference and achieve the best.

Nahaufnahme auf Helm einer Einsatzkraft der Feuerwehr vor rauchendem Hintergrund
Smart Textiles

Sewn on smartness.

Life-saving sensors in clothing that analyse vital parameters and warn of dangerous situations.


Technology that is 100 nose lengths ahead of every sniffer dog.

Aufnahme der Erde aus den Weltall
NB-IoT Asset Tracker

Pretty resourceful.

Trackers that turn every loss into a find.

Luftaufnahme eines großen Photovoltaikanlagen-Parks auf einer Wiese.

The digitalisation of electricity allows energy operators to make perfect forecasts for even better business models.

E-Auto an einer Ladesäule angeschlossen

A new dimension of measurement technology that makes batteries of electric vehicles more transparent.

Lötroboter in einem Labor

The time-to-market accelerator for your ideas. Prototype construction in 48 hours.

Luftaufnahme eines Autos, das auf einer baumgesäumten kurvigen Straße fährt

Tiny sensors that safely brake the car and make engines run cleaner

Futuristische Darstellung eines Operationssaals in der ein Mediziner ein Hologramm von Organen betrachtet

Sensors that allow doctors to feel the inside of the human body.

Futuristische Darstellung eines strahlenden Partikels

Determine physical quantities with unprecedented precision.

Nahaufnahme von Kabel aufgewickelt auf einer Kabeltrommel
NB-IoT Cable Drum Tracker

Getting it right, every time.

Trackers that accurately determine the amount of cable remaining and the position of a drum.


The right Key Facts: Figures, data and everything worth knowing about the leader of innovation.

Futuristische Darstellung eines Globus überlagert von vielen Datenpunkten
Innovation Network

The duotec universe.

Strong constellations: Investments, partners and the knowledge transfer with duotec at a glance.

Blick auf die Erde aus dem Weltall

Our actions are based on values. Principles that significantly shape our vision and mission.

Luftaufnahme zeigt einen Wald mit grünen Baumkronen von oben

Our sustainability strategy: Innovation also means environmental protection.

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