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Luftaufnahme eines großen Photovoltaikanlagen-Parks auf einer Wiese.

We make the energy flow visible.

The digitalisation of electricity allows energy operators to make perfect forecasts for even better business models.

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Even today, the information from networked cities is helping various energy operators to direct traffic flows or to plan resource requirements. However, data on current flows, especially in the low-voltage distribution grid, are largely ignored. It would be extremely advantageous for electricity grid operators to know at what times a particularly large amount of energy is accessed or generated — for example, by electric cars or solar systems. Orienting efforts to guideline values is more than ineffective, because both the user behaviour and the current flows are constantly changing. Another solution must be found — and, tadaa!

Under the code name Fit4eChange, we are developing a solution for the digitisation of the low-voltage distribution network with partners. For this purpose, we are using
the existing network infrastructure for IoT applications and, at the same time, developing intelligent sensor technology that is adapted to the special information needs of distribution grid operators. The aim is to make energy flows visible, in order to create reliable forecasts. These, in turn, make it possible to optimally use networks, to maintain them with foresight and to realise completely new business models. Network operators can create the forecasts, in real time in order to plan expansion according to demand or to set price incentives.

We are involved in the following important project steps:

Development of sensors
Production of electronic hardware

The Fit4eChange project is set to run until 30.06.2024. It is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Nahaufnahme auf Helm einer Einsatzkraft der Feuerwehr vor rauchendem HintergrundNahaufnahme auf Helm einer Einsatzkraft der Feuerwehr vor rauchendem Hintergrund
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