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The whole nine yards – from duotec.

The right Key Facts: Figures, data and everything worth knowing about the leader of innovation.

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Key Facts

duotec is growing in all areas. Get an idea of our most important key data.

243Mio € Turnover 20216Production sites2Development sites5Global locations1000+Employees

Industry focus

From the steering wheel to the operating room to your trouser pocket. Our developments are used in a wide variety of industries.

26%24%16%11%9%8%5%1%AutomotiveIndustryEnergyMedical technologyBuilding automationMobilityTelecommunicationSecurity


More than just a piece of paper. Certificates back us up in our work and our actions. We strive for ever greater quality. Traceability and environmental protection.

ISO 9001 Quality management system
IATF 16949 Automotive

Futuristische Darstellung eines Globus überlagert von vielen DatenpunktenFuturistische Darstellung eines Globus überlagert von vielen Datenpunkten
Innovation Network

The duotec universe.

Strong constellations: Investments, partners and the knowledge transfer with duotec at a glance.

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