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Ein Windpark mit vielen Windkraftanlagen vor wolkigem Himmel
duo s-Prox

The extreme is routine.

Far from civilisation and under the harshest weather conditions, constantly measuring data.

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Sensory technology to forget. Figuratively speaking.

When it comes to maximum durability and minimum maintenance, our duo s-Prox platform can't match the salt water. Optimised for the most hostile environments, these sensors are even suitable for use in offshore wind farms. Whether wet or damp, extreme temperature fluctuations or constant vibrations — our sensors defy the toughest requirements. And what is more: The sensors are designed for millions of maintenance-free measurement cycles. Install it once and forget about it. Not an unimportant consideration if they are installed hundreds of kilometres offshore in offshore wind farms.

Close-up of the duo s-Prox chipsClose-up of the duo s-Prox chips

The duo s-Prox is based on a pre-developed, technological platform that can be customised. This enables a shortened production time. And so: faster readiness for deployment in a wide range of applications.


With this, the duo s-Prox delivers a convincing performance across the board

  • Participate in duotec's product and technology know-how
  • Better component availability through the use of standardised components
  • Serving niche applications
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