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Luftaufnahme eines Autos, das auf einer baumgesäumten kurvigen Straße fährt
duo s-Press

Mini features. Major effect.

Tiny sensors that safely brake the car and make engines run cleaner

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Safe and environmentally friendly means of transportation have been experiencing a boom for years.

The duo s-Press platform is a miniaturised, high-performance sensor for precise gas and liquid measurement, which is optimised for use under the toughest conditions. In the automotive sector, it is used in brake lines or in the engine block. The sensor has a pressure range of 0-20 bar and withstands temperatures from -40 to 125 degrees. Thus, it is able to accurately measure the gas mixture of the combustion engine or to determine the actual amount of brake fluid. Enhanced safety with higher performance and lower consumption. The future is literally gathering pace.

Close-up of the duo s-Press chipClose-up of the duo s-Press chip

Since the duo s-Press itself can be kept cold by moisture, constant vibrations or temperature shocks, it is suitable for a variety of other applications and environments. Thanks to its very thin side walls of just 0.4 mm, it can be adapted to any customer-specific form factor and offers an unsurpassed price-performance ratio as a standard solution. Of course, other sensors and wired or wireless communication can also be integrated on request.


duo s-Press

  • Optimised in terms of space requirements and assembly effort
  • Use of standard components
  • Excellent service life and long-term stability
  • Mechanics and electronics can be flexibly integrated
  • High linearity of the output signal
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Reading time: 3 minutes
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