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Luftaufnahme zeigt einen Wald mit grünen Baumkronen von oben

The future can be many things. But especially green.

Our sustainability strategy: Innovation also means environmental protection.

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Ground-breaking. But ensuring that our environment remains vibrant.

Innovation means more than developing unprecedented electronic applications. Innovation also means dealing with natural resources in a progressive way, as well as protecting the climate and the environment. And that's why we rely on a cross-site sustainability strategy.

CO₂ dissolves in fresh air.

duotec is one of the first companies in the industry to operate climate-neutrally at its Halver location. We compensate 292 tons of CO₂-equivalent pollutants that exactly correspond to our CO₂ footprint. For the period 2021 to 2022, we offset greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing certificates from the projects "VCS + CCBS Forest Protection Peru" and "GS Wind Power India". In 2023 and 2024, we offset the company's greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing a further total of 584 certificates from the "VCS Forest Conservation China" and "UN CER Wind Power Mexico" projects. We consider it particularly useful to support sustainability initiatives in emerging and developing countries. They improve the economic, social and ecological situation of these countries and, at the same time, help to achieve the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

Simultaneously, our development team is working on various research projects that are boosting the energy transition. Fit4eChange, makes the energy distribution grids fit for the future, while RaQuEl is researching a quantum-based sensor solution for efficient battery management in booming e-mobility.

We bask in renewable energy.

Our manufacturing company ml&s covers 40 per cent of its total electricity demand with solar energy at its location in Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The rest comes from green electricity – again, 100 per cent from renewable sources. Anyone who visits ml&s will see several photovoltaic systems at once. Large modules mounted in the open ground, as well as additional installations on the roofs of the administrative and production building. Further cells are to follow in the near future, which will bring ml&s a great deal closer to its goal of climate neutrality.

duotec S.A. at its Swiss site in Delémont, Jura, is already generating 80 per cent of the required electricity with photovoltaic systems mounted on the roof. Without exception, the remaining 20 per cent comes from regenerative energy such as hydropower.

On the other side of the globe, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, we also rely on solar cells. There is enough sun there. And with that, duotec de Norteamérica S de RI de CV at the site in Artega also obtains a large part of its energy requirements not from the socket, but from solar modules.

When saving electricity, take a look at the lightbulb.

ml&s not only consistently pursues its sustainability strategy, but also manufactures a range of environmentally friendly products and devices. This also includes the GLT Tube. A durable LED tube light with minimal energy consumption. In terms of sustainability, there is nothing more obvious than to use the tubes manufactured in Greifswald in our own production. The effect speaks for itself: The 6000 energy-efficient tubes save a considerable 50 per cent on electricity.

On an e-mission for fewer emissions.

Wherever possible, ml&s improves its energy footprint in production. For example, a digital manufacturing execution system optimises production processes and enables further energy savings of 20 per cent.

One positive side effect: The set-up and cycle times are also reduced. ml&s also supports e-mobility to the best of its ability: A total of 14 charging stations for electric vehicles are available. The same applies to the two-wheeled counterparts: ml&s has built a parking facility with a charging structure for e-bikes.

Nahaufnahme von Kabel aufgewickelt auf einer KabeltrommelNahaufnahme von Kabel aufgewickelt auf einer Kabeltrommel

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