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E-Auto an einer Ladesäule angeschlossen

Research for tomorrow's driving.

A new dimension of measurement technology that makes batteries of electric vehicles more transparent.

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In electric vehicles, a robust and accurate measurement of the current flows is of crucial importance, in order to monitor and secure the charging processes of the battery, as well as the power transmission. The vehicles should not only be tip-top in terms of performance, but also drive just as well.

In our research project with the unmistakable name RaQuEL, we are developing an innovative current sensor that uses quantum physical effects. It opens up a completely new dimension for measurement technology — especially with regard to precision and speed. The sensor detects even the most minimal electrical currents quickly and reliably. In this way, transparent information about the charging and ageing status of the battery is possible in real time. And the real gamechangers are to come first: The quantum sensor has galvanic isolation, which makes it easy to integrate into the battery.

duotec is involved in these project steps:

Research of the assembly and connection technology for the overall system
Development of intelligent battery sensors for automotive applications as a demonstrator
Assembly of the components on glass

The RaQuEl project is set to run until 31.05.2024 and is funded as part of the BMBF funding measure "Application-related research in quantum sensors, metrology and imaging" from the program "Quantum technologies – from the basics to the market".

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Our sustainability strategy: Innovation also means environmental protection.

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