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Futuristische dreidimensionale Darstellung eines Gitternetzes mit Datenpunkten


Next-gen innovations and disruptive technologies.

Technology that is 100 nose lengths ahead of every sniffer dog.

Reading time: 6 minutes
Luftaufnahme eines großen Photovoltaikanlagen-Parks auf einer Wiese.Luftaufnahme eines großen Photovoltaikanlagen-Parks auf einer Wiese.

The digitalisation of electricity allows energy operators to make perfect forecasts for even better business models.

Reading time: 4 minutes
Nahaufnahme auf Helm einer Einsatzkraft der Feuerwehr vor rauchendem HintergrundNahaufnahme auf Helm einer Einsatzkraft der Feuerwehr vor rauchendem Hintergrund
Smart Textiles

Sewn on smartness.

Life-saving sensors in clothing that analyse vital parameters and warn of dangerous situations.

Reading time: 6 minutes
Futuristische Darstellung eines strahlenden PartikelsFuturistische Darstellung eines strahlenden Partikels

Determine physical quantities with unprecedented precision.

Reading time: 7 minutes
E-Auto an einer Ladesäule angeschlossenE-Auto an einer Ladesäule angeschlossen

A new dimension of measurement technology that makes batteries of electric vehicles more transparent.

Reading time: 3 minutes

Measuring all things. In the transmission of senses.

Technologies that have real sensory perceptions are no longer an illusion. They exist. And what is more: Their capabilities are already far superior to ours. With nextsolutions, we develop and industrialise these innovative and all-changing technologies. This includes, for example, quantum sensor technology, which paves the way for the measurement of subject matter for which there has been no adequate solution to date. Watch this space! The digital sense of smell, which enables machines to smell — and even a hundred times more effective than any sniffer dog. Measuring things that are considered impossible is now rendered possible. By transferring senses to electronics. Here, at duotec.

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