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Smart Textiles

Sewn on smartness.

Life-saving sensors in clothing that analyse vital parameters and warn of dangerous situations.

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Intelligent electronics, media-tight woven into textiles, is the future of clothing. In one of our most innovative research branches, we are dealing with washable sensors, which, thanks to their small dimensions and their light weight of only five to ten grams, can be perfectly incorporated into all body-related garments. In order to put an end to that washing problem once and for all, we use our many years of expertise in medical technology for the autoclavable over-moulding of electronics. The result: 100 per cent media density, up to 2,500 times washable smart textiles.

Next-gen multifunctional clothing.

In the field of smart textiles, the world of hard electronics meets soft textiles for the first time and merges into a perfect unit. The extreme miniaturisation of the electronic components and the use of very soft plastics create maximum wearing comfort — right down to the underwear. Another big plus is the integration of networked electronics in clothing. This means: It is possible to accommodate a wide variety of sensor solutions in different places in a single garment.

But what can smart textiles do? The combination of electronics and clothing primarily records vital parameters. The main areas of application are the medical, security, sports and gaming sectors. Smart textiles exploit their full potential, for example, in the clothing used by firefighters or rescue workers — lifesavers for lifesavers.

Several features are used here. First and foremost, the measurement and monitoring of all important health parameters for emergency services workers. In addition, smart textiles are also able to transmit important information to the operations centre. The garments help by facilitating orientation in caves or dense smoke, and even warn of toxic gases.

T-shirts with the right diagnosis.

In the medical field, the benefits are far from exhausted. The remote control of vital parameters is used in many ways — for example, in the protection against bedsores. Above all, it is about medical assistance that can be provided from anywhere in the world — without losing quality. This means: The doctor and patient no longer have to be in the same room to carry out certain examinations or supervised rehabilitation measures.

Another field of smart textiles lies in the gaming cosmos. Here, the clothing can recognise the exact movements of a player and transmit them hyper-realistically and accurately in games. Even for professional athletes, movement sequences can be analysed and then optimised. And so, it is obvious that, when it comes to clothes, the potential of smart textiles is limitless.


Smart Wearables

  • Electronics adapted for highly demanding use in textiles
  • Overmoulded, media-tight modules and miniature electronics
    as a permanently integrated component in textiles
  • Platform product adaptable for a wide range of end-use applications
  • Built-in: sensors and actuators, intercommunication and RF connectivity, HMI
  • For sportswear, workwear and industrial applications
  • Robust contact and conductive technology, machine washable
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